Fleet Management System

Benefits of Mecarnic fleet management system

Fuel saving

Live remote monitoring of fuel level in a vehicle helps prevent fuel pilferage and theft, fuel is an important component in the total cost of operating a vehicle or fleet. A reduction in pilferage or theft contributes directly to the profit margin of a fleet operating company. Drivers often leave vehicle engine at idle for long periods of time this causes unnecessary fuel wastage and engine wear & tear, by keeping a track on this habit of drivers a considerable amount of money can be saved by fleet operators

Fleet Safety

Over speeding and rash driving is the most common cause of accidents. This risky behavior of drivers can be curbed by retraining and orientation. Mecarnic GPS device gives real time data of over Speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration .

Vehicle Theft prevention

Unscheduled stops at unusual places during odd hours are often an indicator of theft and pilferage. By tracking vehicle stops fleet managers can reduce the occurrence of such thefts.

Vehicle Management

Fleet managers can better plan and manage dispatches of goods consignment from warehouses based on the tracking of vehicles in the fleet

Fleet Managers

By tracking the distance travelled by each vehicle during a trip and keeping a watch on the fuel level fleet operating companies can improve the administration of their departments.

Better customer Service

Live vehicle tracking in the fleet enables fleet managers to analyze and predict the arrival and departure of vehicles in the fleet. Customers can be pre-informed about the date and time of the arrival of their consignments leading to a smooth customer experience.

The various features of Mecarnic hardware combined with the software presents and overview of the entire fleet based upon which fleet managers and owners can take decisions.